Filtering bottle

Filtering bottle 0,5 l

Water from Dafi now in bottle.
Using the filtering bottle you save money and take care of the environment at the same time! The bottle is equipped with a unique carbon filter, which removes chlorine’s taste and odour from tap water. Exchangeable filter contains activated carbon, obtained from coconut shells.

A small bottle which releases great activity.

Enjoying active life?

Filtering bottle was designed for people who appreciate the role of the regular irrigation of the organism, do sports and practice a healthy lifestyle.
Due to it’s small size and ergonomic design, you can always carry it with yourself – don’t worry about the quality of tap water. Dafi filtering bottle is completely BPA-free and approved for contact with water. One exchangeable filter replaces 300 half-liter PET bottles, thanks to this, the environment doesn’t get about 26,4 kg of plastic annually!

Know the advantages of Dafi filtering bottle

A comfortable sport plug ensures tightness during activities.
Long-lasting, light and handy. Weighs only 33 g
1 filter is able to replace up to 300 half-liter bottles from stores.
Activated carbon filter with laboratory-confirmed efficiency
Reusable, for those who care about the environment.
Made from materials of the highest quality.

Look how simple it is!

1 Fill the bottle with tap water
2 Place the cartridge in the bottle
3 Enjoy your healthy water wherever you are!