Astra 3 L

modern and streamlined

Universal water filter jug, available in Classic and Unimax model. It functional product chosen by people who often cook. Its modern look fits right in with any kitchen decor. Available in a wide range of colors.

Discover jug functions

Astra comes with two types of cover – closed and grid open cover. It protects against dirt, dust, etc.
Precise rounding provides easy flow of water from a jug.
A properly designed ergonomic shape of the handle for easy carrying jug and stable grip.
Filter Jug Astra has two types of filter wear indicators. LED sensor measures the month since the last filter replacement. When the time runs out,its LED will turn red. On manual indicator You need to set the date of first use of the filter. After 30 days the filter must be replaced.
Anti-slip base ensures stability of jug on any countertop surface.
Tap water funnel made of high quality transparent plastic to keep track of the filling level.

Wide range of fitting CLASSIC and UNIMAX filters

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