Our work entails great responsibility, consequently, we avoid harming the natural environment through our actions, and help others with growth. Commitment to social activities is permanently embedded in our development strategy.

Half a million bees live in the company garden. In 2019 we established own apiary, believing that we contribute to protection of this specimen. A Master Beekeeper is supervising the hives.


podstrona-pasiekapsd_18 Bees are a protected national good. Without them there is no life on Earth, although we alarmingly often hear that the population of these insects is threatened with extinction. Ecological activities and responsibility for the natural environment are a part of the philosophy of Dafi brand, hence, we decided to participate in popularising the problem and encourage other companies to establish apiaries. By acting jointly and counting on the scale effect, we can protect ecosystem against degradation which consequences may be irreparable.

Maciej Bursztein,

Member of Management Board and Development Director

Out of love for nature, naturally

The number of bees is falling with every year. Their extinction may completely change our planet.

In city parks and gardens they are not exposed to strong insecticides and pesticides.

Dafi apiary consists of 10 beehives in which half a million bees live.

Bees have to visit almost 4 million flowers to collect nectar for 1 kg honey.

We support initiatives

We support initiativesEvery year we cooperate in social projects, striving to diversify these activities. We worked with scouts on promotion of voluntary blood donation, with the disabled or to help stray animals.

We promote ecologyWe try to inspire others to change their life into a more ecologic one, among others by switching to reusable products.

We educate the youngest childrenLessons for children are held in Dafi laboratory, and in 2019 we became the main sponsor of an ecological competition for school children and young people, being a part of the 1st Air Ecology Congress in Kielce.

We use ecologic materials We use ecologic office materials, i.e. advertising gadgets, photocopier paper and envelopes from recycled paper, and paper bags in our points of sale.